Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tonight's the Night: Music and Friendship in the Village

Music and getting together with a small circle of friends are on the horizon this weekend. I'm kind of excited about it and here's why.

A few of us, predominately folk who comprise our village family, are gathering for a Music Night with Mr. Mason Johnson, A MOST EXCELLENT MUSICIAN. It is a chance to hang out and serve one another this Saturday evening (March 29th, 2008) at 7:15 PM.

However, we are also inviting a few friends and neighbors to join in. It will likely prove to be a night of melody, rhythm, and “chillable” sounds rendered by a most amazing and talented 84 year old seasoned musician who says, “I’m honored to have the chance to sing for you folks”.

As an indicator of his diligence and commitment to a great evening, Mr. Johnson, as of Tuesday morning this week, had completed a dry run to the village to make certain he knew how to find us and had begun weaving together a program of tunes aimed at delighting our folks with a selection of sounds drawn from a deep well of experience- including tunes ranging from Post War (WW II) to present day, as well as, Classic Jazz.

Also, we are providing dessert and coffee to those who take part. And whilst, our family will make up most of the gathering, the evening will also give us the chance to serve a small circle of neighbors and friends whom we hope to encourage as we listen and share in a “service of sweets and most excellent java” provided with a smile.

We are "doing the place up" with jazz club tables, comfy seating, and quirky lighting to create an ambiance for relaxing as we bless, serve, and connect as friends. Borrowing a line from Bob Gaudio and The Four Seasons, we can say, “Oh, what a night”. This Saturday night: a point of blessing, friendship, and generosity. And, seeking to exercise a theology of generosity, the evening is offered free of charge with no strings attached to those who take part.

The evening begins at 7:15 PM. The music starts at 7:30 PM and wraps up around 9:30 PM. The venue is 1028 Second Street (the building where CCC meets as a "church gathered") in the village of Stone Mountain, GA 30083. Those lending a hand are gathering at the 6:00 PM to decorate at deliver the ambiance, prepare the goodies, and brew the coffee. Otherwise, the evening begins at 7:15 PM with a welcome and a simple invitation to hang out as friends.

It should be a fun night – a really good night. I'll let you know how it goes.

Grace and Peace,


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