Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Desperate People & Heaven's Door

"Desperate people don't do well in churches. They don't fit, and they don't cooperate in the furthering of their starvation. 'Church people' often label 'desperate people' as strange and unbalanced. But when desperate people get a taste of God, they can't stay away from him, no matter what everyone around him thinks.' " Michael Yaconelli, Messy Spirituality

I came across the above quote today whilst taking my lunchtime coffee instead of restaurant queue break. (Truth be known it’s a “get away from the office/mental health break” with a good cup o' joe and a spirit refreshing music infusion –right now there’s a pretty decent Dylan cover in the background). Anyway, the idea merits further development but, for now, let's just put the thought on the table. It’s worth a ponder.

Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door....... Bob Dylan


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