Saturday, May 02, 2009

An Encouraging Perspective

I met Penn Jillette about two years back. A simple nice to meet you near the elevator at the Rio. Too many people and not much time to say much else as folks began to approach with paper and pen in hand to ask for his autograph.

I was struck by his willingness to stay put and meet the folks that drew near when it seemed clear he'd probably like a little space and a chance to enjoy a coffee in peace. Who knows, maybe he doesn't even drink coffee but he struck me one who requires time for contemplation.

This morning, in my own time of contemplation, I came across this video. It's a snippet from Penn Says. I'm struck by his honesty and take heart in his exhortation and what he took away from a conversation with a gracious follower of Christ. Penn was touched by the encounter. The manner and gracious heart of the one that spoke of Jesus is instructive.

Thank you Penn for sharing. I would that many who name the name of Christ would take notice. May we speak in a way "seasoned with grace". May we not acts as jerks when kindness should issue from the heart of those who know the gospel. One who has been "forgiven much" will be gracious with others for she knows what it means to be forgiven without the means to repay.

Take time to watch and listen to the link below. It's worth it.

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