Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dance as if no one is watching ...

I get a little uncomfortable about blogging, at times, because it means that I sometimes talk about me. I don’t know why I avoid this but I am pleased to find others doing the same. In a sense, we take the risk – albeit a perceived risk at best - to put a bit about ourselves out there with no certainty that understanding – or anything positive- will be the end of the story from those that read a post. Nonetheless, I am finding the community of Christians that I’ve met thus far is a group of reasonably safe people. We don’t agree about everything but we’re certainly agreeable.

The ongoing blog through Celebration of Discipline is a terrific example of the good that can come through cooperation and endeavoring to hear God’s voice and follow Him. I think I am seeing a ragtag band of Christ followers choosing to walk together a bit and love Christ as we go. Yes, we are exploring Celebration of Discipline; however, I really believe we are, in fact, celebrating - even delighting in - our Saviour and the transforming work He has wrought and is accomplishing amongst His people. It is awesome to be a part of His community. How neat this is! (Maybe I should say, “Sweet”, in today’s vernacular?)

One of my passions is worship. To get lost – so to speak – in God’s presence, to contemplate Him (His revelation - general and specific), to meditate on His word and, by his grace, to obey His lead is part of worshipping Him as Most Holy God. This week’s chapter on meditation is refreshing. It has helped to sort out a definition of meditation that makes sense in the Christian life and I appreciate this. Anything that boils itself down to simply “the ability to hear God’s voice and obey His word” is fine by me and I look forward to reading the posts that will begin later today (GMT + 8 to 10) and placing a post, as well. In the meantime, here’s a parting thought.

Dance as if no one is watching;
love as if you can't be hurt.
Sing tho' no one is listening;
live as if it's heaven on earth.

Author Unknown

Recently, I came across this quote whilst riffling through the shelves of a country store when my family and I went to see Sondre Lerche at The Orange Peel, a music venue, in Asheville, N.C. It’s a relevant thought, especially, when I reflect on taking part in corporate worship. I would that I could - whether gathered or alone - worship God as if He were an audience of One.

Kudos: The quote came to mind as I read through the Celebration of Discipline posts this week. In the midst of reading, my eyes caught Messy Christian's post on Worship Dance. Thank's for showing a bit of your heart for worshipping God. Thank you also for your initiative in jump-starting this whole CoD group blog and compiling the Chapter 1 Round-Up that made reading and commenting such a breeze. The dancing reference is for you.


Anonymous Bob said...

Interesting post! I wait to read the posts of others in the group until I have posted mine, to avoid any influence from anyone other than God, and was struck by your title. You will find it interesting to see my title this week!


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