Saturday, October 08, 2005

Joining the Feisty that Journey Upstream

Why do I seek pat answers and formulaic solutions when the spiritual life is often an uncomfortable but good process that leads to spiritual formation? Do we really live in a Christianity that equates God’s blessing with “having it easy” and “things going our way”? Cannot the hard things be God’s blessing, too? Isn’t there a place for righteous struggle?

This morning’s passage in “Year of the Bible
” encourages a swim upstream against all that seek the spawning grounds of comfort, no cost Christ-living, and relative ease. God bless the feisty fish that know better than to drift along in popular practice and the pious throng. "Kyrie Eleison." " Christe Eleison"

God Trains His Children

You struggle against sin. But you have not yet fought to the point of spilling your blood. You have forgotten that word of hope. It speaks to you as children. It says, "My son, think of the Lord's training as important. Do not lose hope when he corrects you. The Lord trains those he loves. He disciplines everyone he accepts as a son."

Put up with hard times. God uses them to train you. He is treating you as children. What children are not trained by their parents? God trains all of his children. But what if he doesn't train you? Then you are like children of people who weren't married to each other. You are not truly God's children.
Besides, we have all had human parents who trained us. We respected them for it. How much more should we be trained by the Father of our spirits and live!

Our parents trained us for a little while. They did what they thought was best. But God trains us for our good. He wants us to share in his holiness.
No training seems pleasant at the time. In fact, it seems painful. But later on it produces a harvest of godliness and peace. It does that for those who have been trained by it. So lift your sagging arms. Strengthen your weak knees. "Make level paths for your feet to walk on." Then those who have trouble walking won't be disabled. Instead, they will be healed. (Hebrews 12:4-13 NIrV)


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