Thursday, October 12, 2006

How They Learned to Love the Bomb

My friend David is a cohort compadre in the Atlanta Emergent Cohort. As a fellow wrestler with God and cooperative friend of Christ in His kingdom, I often find David's writing incredibly relevant. And, given he is a Korean American, I really value his read on North Korea.

Take a moment and peruse his blog. Here a bit from the closing of his post to whet your appetite:
"I don’t know what the Christian response to their bomb testing is, but I wonder if my long lost cousins would think differently about America if they knew I was here. I long to know who they are. I long to hear your story. I long to break bread with you. I want you to love me more than the bomb."
(Link to entire post here)


Anonymous David said...

Thanks for the post. I appreciate the friendship and hope to see you soon although I will probably miss the next cohort...


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