Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Praying the Lord's Prayer

The Model Prayer can be taken as intended or become a rote recited ritual that lacks vitality; yet, when taken to heart, and grappled with under the ministry God the Holy Spirit, great awe, humility, growth and encouragement issue from the instructive example of Christ as He instructs his disciples.

What follows is and excerpt from "Praying the Lord's Prayer" by J.I. Packer. It's small in size but very much worth the read. and, if read with contemplation and the time reflecting in the Scriptures, not a quick read at all. In a recent interview, it became clear that Dr Packer defines , at least in part, his role as a catechist to the Church. And for this, we can be grateful.

Excerpt from " Praying the Lord's Prayer"

"As analysis of light requires reference to the seven colors of the spectrum that make it up, so analysis of the Lord’s Prayer requires reference to a spectrum of seven distinct activities: approaching God in adoration and trust; acknowledging his work and his worth, in praise and worship; admitting sin, and seeking pardon; asking that needs be met, for ourselves and others; arguing with God for blessing, as wrestling Jacob did in Genesis 32 (God loves to be argued with); accepting from God one’s own situation as he has shaped it; and adhering to God in faithfulness through thick and thin. These seven activities together constitute biblical prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer embodies them all."

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