Friday, February 17, 2006

A Balanced Look & Sound Footing

Future or Fad?
By Scott McKnight

The thumbnail to the left points to an article that merits recognition. Whilst perusing some of my regular reads, I came across the following article by Scott McKnight. You may know him via The Jesus Creed. Nonetheless, be he familiar or unfamiliar to you, the article is well worth the time it may take to sort through the four well written pages. (Click here to download the article.)

Scot McKnight, Karl A Olsson professor in religious studies at North Park University in Chicago, offers a balanced explanation and appraisal (critical in the good sense of the word) of the emergent conversation and does so from what seems to be a sound footing with less bias than most.

If you’d like a most excellent overview of a term (Emergent) that can easily be infused with confusing definitions, take the time to read the author’s observations. I think you’ll find it quite healthy and clearly worth the read.


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